Personal Injury Practice

Personal Injury Law with a personal touch
You have a choice in personal injury attorneys. You should look for someone who cares about YOUR case, and respects your concerns.

Lots of attorneys can promise you big settlements. But what they may not tell you is the time, the expense, and the resources that it will take to get any settlement, and the injuries those big settlements represent. Insurance companies don’t pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to clients with small injuries. And for those with life-changing injuries, no amount of money can return any injured client to full health.

Clients with personal injury cases today face an entirely different world from just a few years ago. Today, mediation and settlement are the norm, with most jurisdictions requiring a case to attempt mediation prior to trial. In fact, more than 90% of cases settle prior to the first day of trial, and many never reach the trial preparation stage. Therefore, selecting an attorney who can help you reasonably assess your damages and place a realistic value on your claims is vital to the success of your claim, and ultimately, to your satisfaction with the outcome.

Remember, no attorney should guarantee any outcome. Attorney Cathi V. Chambley can assist you in properly evaluating your case, valuing your claim, negotiating a fair settlement, preparing for mediation or trial, and trying your case.